Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Welcome to The Kleager Greats Blog

"Bumpa" - Clyde Louis Kleager (on left)
Bumpa's twin brother Clarence Joseph Kleager (on right)
about age 7 or 8 in the mid-1920's
Sitting on a family cow in front of their farm house near Havelock, Nebraska

Welcome to The Kleager Greats Blog!

Who are the Kleager Greats?  

Well, they are the great-grandchildren of Clyde Louis Kleager & Thordis Maxine Bertelson Kleager.  The greats and their parents call Clyde & Thordis "Grammy & Bumpa".  

The greats are: Gage, Jackson, Jacob, Victoria, Emmaline, Katie, Owen, Canon, Gabe, Luke R., Jed, Betsy, Kate, Finn, James, Auggie, Luke H., Sam, Mia, baby girl Kelsey & Piper.

You Kleager Greats are special kids who have a special heritage, and I hope to tell you some of those stories on this blog.

I hope your parents talk to you about these stories.  I hope your parents also tell you stories about the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents etc. that you have on "the other side" of your family that isn't Kleager.

Let's begin.

I send you another blog soon.

Love, (your Grandmother or Great Aunt) Clytee

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