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"Bumpa" is "The Greats" Great-Grandfather.  His given name is Clyde Louis Kleager.  He was born almost 100  years ago in 1918, the year World War I ended.  His parents, Frank August Kleager & Eleanor Sophie Drewel Kleager lived on a rented dry land farm in an old farm house on the Nebraska prairie north of the town of Havelock, Nebraska.

Bumpa was a surprise to his parents.  There was a doctor from Lincoln present at the farm house as Sophie was in labor. He delivered one baby boy when, according to the story Bumpa tells, the doctor announced something like: "hold on, there's another one!"

The twin boys were fraternal twins, meaning they were not identical.  In fact, it seems like they were about as different as any two brothers could be.  They grew up to have very different personalities also.

The birth certificate of Clyde indicates that the boys were not named for 14 days.  The birth certificate also says Clyde was the first born twin, but Clyde always said he was the second.

The new parents had only been married for 13 months, and were 22 years old (Frank) and 24 years old (Sophie).  For names for the twins, the family chose a combination of trendy names of the time and the names of the boy's grandfathers.

Clarence was the 23rd most popular boy name of 1918, and Clyde was the 67th.

Frank's father, who had died 2 years before, was named Joseph Kleager.  Sophie's father, who lived near them, was Louis Henry Drewel.

They came up with the names Clyde Louis & Clarence Joseph.

 Clyde Louise Kleager on left (dark hair) & Clarence Joseph Kleager on right (light hair)

Clyde Louis Kleager on left (dark hair & eyes) & Clarence Joseph Kleager on right (light hair & eyes)

Clyde Louis Kleager (left) & Clarence Joseph Kleager (right)

Clyde used the name Clyde Kleager his whole life, but Clarence often went by "Joe". 

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